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Shakti Caregiving Program

SHAKTI Association is proud to present a project funded by the GOC New Horizon Seniors Program; Shakti Caregiving Program - for adults 55+ that launches May 2022!

This is an initiative to help combat isolation and promote inclusion amongst seniors. The program is geared to promote participation, and healthy aging and provide an outlet to socialize and make meaningful connections as companionship is very critical for mature adults..

Shakti Caregiving Program will connect remotely with participants via telecommunication and virtual meets to do wellness check-ins and provide updates on upcoming events within the organization that they can be a part of. There will be special educational sessions to highlight health topics such as avoiding dehydration and the importanc

e of food etc. Besides that, the program will host leisure events and activities such as Bingo night, Paint night, book clubs and more.

If this is a program you would like to be a part of and/or know someone that would be feel free to contact us today to sign up!

Volunteer Opportunity

If you would like to volunteer, apply today by visiting our “Contact” page and completing the form for submission. As a volunteer, you will be conducting phone calls on a weekly basis to participants to deliver wellne

ss check-in and share important information. You will be creating healthy connections and building rapport with participants so they feel heard and included.

Also, volunteers will provide support within any of the special events/educational sessions.

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